KODAK DIGITAL SHO Professional Plug-In Color Controls

At any time you can reset all of the adjustments to their default positions by clicking the Default button. The options you choose will remain changed as long as you click OK and apply the changes. If you click Cancel the settings will revert to the setting in place when you last opened the Plug-In.
If your image is from a scanned photographic film put the Image Source selector on Film otherwise put it on Digital. If the image's source is unknown, then we recommend you choose the default option, Digital. Although the two settings were designed for Digital and Film sometimes the film setting works best on digital and sometimes the digital setting works best on scanned film. Try the two settings to see which works best for you.

You can visually identify which parts of the image are considered shadow or highlight by clicking on the Threshold radio button. The plug-in will lighten shadows and darken highlights.


If you are using Windows, you can move a slider in single increment steps using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard once you have selected it by clicking on it or using the tab key. You can also use the page up and page down keys to move the slider in larger increments, or the home and end keys to move the slider to the minimum and maximum values. This feature is not currently available using a Mac.

The plug-in will lighten shadows and darken highlights. Adjust the Threshold slider to change which parts are shadows and which parts are highlights. The window will visually confirm shadow and highlight differences. Using the radio buttons under the preview image you can choose between Before, After and Threshold.

Once you identify shadows and highlights switch the radio button back to After.



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