KODAK DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In Color Controls

At any time you can reset all of the adjustments to their original position by clicking the Default button.

If your image is from a scanned photographic film put the Image Source selector on Film otherwise put it on Digital. If the image's source is unknown, then we recommend you choose the default option, Digital.


If you are using Windows, you can move a slider in single increment steps using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard once you have selected it by clicking on it or using the tab key. You can also use the page up and page down keys to move the slider in larger increments, or the home and end keys to move the slider to the minimum and maximum values. This feature is not currently available using a Mac.


The Color Controls allow you to fine tune the color balance of the automatic result of the KODAK Digital ROC Professional Plug-In process. Each color axis, Red-Cyan, Green-Magenta, and Blue-Yellow, has a slider and an edit box. Moving the sliders toward a color will add more of that color to the image. The color strips under the sliders show generally how the colors change with different slider settings, and the edit box next to the slider shows the exact value of the slider setting. The right half of the sliders (red, green, and blue) has positive values from 0 to 25. The left half of the sliders (cyan, magenta, and yellow) has negative values from 0 to 25. You can type a value directly in the edit box, and the slider will be updated after a short delay.

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